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Summary15617: Provide "Time difference" setting at survey level for proper datestamps at different locations

Large companies using Limesurvey have complained various times about problems when analyzing the "submitdate" date stamp when doing surveys at different locations. At the global settings you can only define the "time difference" for the server time at a global level. That is taken into account for all surveys. But if you are doing surveys at the US, Europe and Australia, you want to have the time stamps to use the datestamp based in the current date on location. Otherwise, when analyzing data later, you will wonder why there have been so many surveys completed in the middle of the night.

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2019-11-25 15:53

partner   ~54774

This also affects datestamps for sending email invitations/reminders.



2019-12-02 09:14

developer   ~54892

@mazi : basically : can be a By Survey settings , A lot of config part can be updated using Yii::app()->setConfig('timeadjust',$newvalue);

The question here is how you get the good time difference for all user ? There are a existing system ? By IP ?



2019-12-02 09:21

partner   ~54893

@DenisChenu, for a first start I would simply let the admin define the time difference for a survey. If nothing is set, we take the default setting from th global settings but if the admin know that the survey will be done e.g. in Australie, he can simply enter a different value at survey level.



2019-12-02 09:31

developer   ~54896

About token : , and inside survey : : i thinnk it work.
You can easily try if it work without any config , set to 10 on all surveys ;)

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