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Summary15540: LS 4: modification of top menu in admin backend

The top menu in the admin backend is not very consistent (sometimes a click opens a menu, sometimes a click opens a new page) and could be modified the following way:

1) menus should open on mouse over not on click (like top menus on; current implementation is especially confusing with menu "help | tutorials" as the beginner tour only shows up after a second click and can be easily overseen

2) menu "survey" plus small dropdown triangle is also a bit confusing for new users and not very good to use on touch screens; currently the "survey button" leads to all surveys and only the small triangle opens the survey menu; a revision could look like this:

  • Surveys [one button with dropdown triangle like the other entries in the top menu]
    -- List all

    -- create
    -- import
    -- copy

3) the order of top menus should be changes; in the current implementation the order is ...

... for CE:
Name of Installation | | Help | Configuration | Surveys | Active surveys {} | User | Info

... for Pro:
Name of Installation | | Help | Configuration | Surveys | Active surveys {} | Responses {} | Storage {} | User | Info

This implies that help and configuration are the topics you have to deal with most of the time (which might be true, unfortunately ...). However, surveys should be the focus of the overview page and it is suggested to display the number of active surveys next to the installation name. Information about account and user could be on the left hand side and information about surveys and settings on the right hand side. 2-Factor-Settings could be moved in user menu. This results in the following suggested top menu ...

... for CE:
Name of Installation | User | Active surveys {} | | Surveys | Configuration | Help | Info

... for Pro:
Name of Installation | User | Active surveys {} | Responses {} | Storage {} | | Surveys | Configuration | Help | Info

Also see illustration below.

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