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Summary15463: pdf print reports "Summary for" code header very unattractive

Typically when surveys are created the "code" for a question is an internal reference for the developer and it does not allow spaces. For example, the help for creating a code states:

"Question codes must start with a letter and may only contain alphanumeric characters. Required "

So, this forces a developer to create a memorable mnemonic for the code which is oftentimes a mish-mash of letters.

If you look at the attached screenshot you will see that the standard printing of a survey results in .pdf shows this unintelligible summary code which serves no aesthetic purpose and is meaningless to the receiver of the survey.

Additional Information

I suggest we are allowed to change that "code" when used in headers printed or otherwise create a method so that when non-computer people read out surveys, a header like:

Summary for "code" can be changed to something more meaningful and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.

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2019-10-26 16:04


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