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15421Feature requestsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2020-01-27 15:32
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Summary15421: Survey group Permission : inherit system

Currently :

  1. Survey group didn't have Permission :
    1. Who can view/edit Group Information
    2. Who can add/remove survey in this group
    3. Who can manage default settings in this group
  2. Survey inside this group didn't have «inherited» Permission
    1. Copy/paste the permissions of Survey in Group
      1. Permission check 1: global, 2: Survey group, 3: Survey
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2019-10-18 14:43

developer   ~54099

I want to know if suche feature is OK to be inserted after 4.X is out ?



2020-01-17 15:50

developer   ~55362

@cdorin : the feature is this one

  1. Create permission sustem for Survey Group management itself with
    1. Who is allow to see/update/delete SurveyGroup
    2. Who is allowed to Add/remove Survey inside SurveyGroup
  2. Create minimal permission for survey inside Survey group. When checking if user can (update|read…) a survey :
    1. checking global right, if true : return true
    2. Checking Survey group rights : if true : return true
    3. Checking survey rights : if true return true
    4. return false

Can i propose to be included in core directly ?



2020-01-24 09:37

reporter   ~55448

We are in need of this feature as well, +1



2020-01-27 15:17

manager   ~55485

Hmm, for point 1) we need to think properly (survey permissions vs survey group permissions at the global level of user permission system). Same for point 2. Won't say no to this, I will assign it to myself to quickly discuss it with the team as well.

I am not against introducing it after 4.x, but there are other features and things that need to be done before getting back to the permission system.



2020-01-27 15:32

developer   ~55486

@cdorin : i need to know if such system can be added or not …

About global Permission : you 're right

  1. Global
    • Survey groups : CRUD with owner (like survey
  2. By group (by user)
    • Right for Group settings
    • Right for add/remove surveys inside groupe
  3. Survey inside groups : Copy survey permission to 'Survey in this group'


PS : currently only Superadmin can manage survey in group and Survey group

Survey group have really a lack of Permission functionality to be used :)

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