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Summary15272: Composite/Interlocked Quota with answeroption set with Equation does not work

Hi all, I'm running into a rather specific problem but unfortunately one we in our business run into frequently. This is a problem because we overshoot our quotas which directly costs us revenue and sample.

Let's say we have the following questions in our survey:
Single choice "Gender": Q1
Single choice "Age" (hidden): Q2
Equation (hidden): E1

It seems when we set the answeroption for Q2 using a hidden Equation (E1) and we set aninterlocked quota on answeroptions of Q1 + Q2. The quota IS met (quota +1), but does not terminates the survey.

Steps To Reproduce

See description or use the .lss attached. Note that this is only the case for interlocked quotas (quota with > 1 different answeroptions and questions) and with setting one of these questions with an Equation.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.7.15
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PHP Version7.0.11




2019-09-12 13:57


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