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Summary15135: Anchor answer options so they don't randomise

When presenting a list based question (radio button or multiple response) most of the time when you are randomising the answer options you want the last one or two answer options (Don't know, None, Not relevant etc.) to be 'anchored' to the bottom of the list.

Furthermore, if there is an other specify option, this needs to appear before these anchored options. So that it looks like this:

This is your question?
Answer 2 [Randomised]
Answer 4 [Randomised]
Answer 3 [Randomised]
Answer 1 [Randomised]
Other (specify) [Moved from last position]
None [Anchored]
Don't know [Anchored]

At the moment I am using javascript to do this (see attached), used at least 3-4 times a survey - it would be much easier if it was a feature.

Additional Information

The anchoring option could appear in the Display section as a box where you enter the code numbers that need to be anchored (much like the exclusive option).
The other specify could be a box where you enter the row number for it.

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2020-11-17 23:25

reporter   ~60686

This is still a thing that would be great to be able to do instead of having to add code to every question.

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