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15132Bug reportsOtherpublic2021-04-06 19:42
Reportercdorin Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.0.0-RC2 
Summary15132: Consecutive group-edit actions in survey lists
DescriptionPerform a group-action on the survey lists page (selected survey(s)... button).

Try immediately to perform another action - the group-action button does not work (a refresh is needed)
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2019-08-09 17:18

administrator   ~53160

I cannot reproduce the bug. Maybe you could show me.


2019-08-12 11:23

manager   ~53163


It applies only to Set Expiry date group-edit action


2021-04-06 19:39

reporter   ~63840

Possibly related, the date picker widget in "Set expiry date" doesn't show if page navigation is used.

Browser: Chromium Version 89.0.4389.90

Steps to reproduce:
1. Navigate to /surveyAdministration/listsurveys
2. With multiple pages of surveys, navigate to page 2
3. Check a single active survey
4. In the drop-down menu below select "Set expiry date"
5. Try to select a date/time - No widget is displayed


2021-04-06 19:42

reporter   ~63841

Forgot to include the Limesurvey version in the previous comment: 4.4.16+210406

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