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14992Feature requestsCentral participant databasepublic2020-03-13 18:50
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Summary14992: Public registration should require consent to the privacy notice, since PII are given (name and email).
DescriptionWhen using public registration there is no way to display the privacy notice.

Adding it via {{ include('./subviews/privacy/privacy.twig') }} doesn't appear to have the desired effect:
- the notice is displayed, but the mandatory box can be ignored, data can still be transmitted.

(though probably I'm doing something wrong).

When adding this properly to LimeSurvey, it might be necessary to differentiate between consent given on public registration and entering the survey by being in the participant db, so the notice isn't either shown twice (to public registrants) or never to previously registered users.
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2019-06-18 17:39

manager   ~52450

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It works by copying the privacy.twig content into register_form.twig .

I will document in the manual this week how it can be done (FAQ section).



2019-06-24 16:41

manager   ~52512

Haven't had time to find an alternative solution. I can make it work if the data policy setting is "inline text". If "collapsible", the modal text is not displayed.


2020-01-24 15:55

reporter   ~55466

I’m subscribing to this issue while I edit my custom templates.
(IMHO this shouldn't be a templates edit but a core feature, because of GDPR compilance)

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