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14952Bug reports[All Projects] Otherpublic2019-05-29 15:05
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Product Version4.0.0-beta 
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Summary14952: Checkintegrity didn't delete question_l10ns and other

When a question is deleted via checkintegrity : related question language are not deleted

Steps To Reproduce

Import included survey
get the 1st qid , filter in DB question_l10ns for this qid (phpMyAdmin for example)
Launch checkintegrity : 3 times if i remind
reload DB (phpMyAdmin for example)
question_l10ns qid is still there

Additional Information

Same for group, answers and maybe some other. Only defaultvalues is deleted currently

TODO must check fixLanguageConsistency function if there are issue like this one

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.0.0 github 1c4b7e853cbd3956c9aea525922df2a90e7019b2
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2019-05-29 14:02

developer   ~52153

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@dominikvitt : i think i move whole to

DefaultValue::model()->with('question')->deleteAll('question.qid IS NULL');
DefaultValueL10n::model()->with('defaultvalue')->deleteAll('defaultvalue.dvid IS NULL');

Are there any reason to do find + foreach ?



2019-05-29 15:04

developer   ~52160

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No, it won't work.
First line would delete all default values where qid is missing, which is correct.
But, second line would leave orphaned DefaultValueL10n rows, because you already deleted default values.

I think best approach is to:

  1. update qid = null for DefaultValue where 'question.qid IS NULL'
  2. delete DefaultValueL10n where DefaultValue.qid is null
  3. delete DefaultValue where DefaultValue.qid is null

In that case foreach loop won't be necessary.

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