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14890Feature requestsSecuritypublic2021-11-25 10:13
ReporterMuhammad_Hosny Assigned Togalads  
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Summary14890: (Adding the ability to attach digital signature while taking surveys )Security , Authentication , Plugins
Descriptioniam to use limesurvey in a voting project
in many cases i will need to verify the person who is taking the vote (the survey)
currently i can use a work around so that a specific signed file should be uploaded through file attachment question type which will be checked during analysis process to verify accepted surveys

i believe that integrating digital signature feature or a plugin that can be activated with selected survey to check weather a digital signature token is attached and hence asks for pass key will be a big plus in many usage of lime surveys

for example : this can be just after pressing the submit button of the last page in survey by making a hash or a digital file that represents the survey then signing it with user token and attaching it to the response row in the database with user name and e-mail in the token certificate.
Additional Informationin many countries laws digital signature is required to approve some results
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