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14876Feature requests[All Projects] Ergonomypublic2019-07-15 11:41
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Tocdorin  
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Product Version4.0.0dev 
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Summary14876: Inherit value to [empty string] (when we can)

Currently, for token length : inherited value is -1. But we can not set token to '', then set it as '' for inherited.

Additional Information

And it allow showing Inherited for placeholder.

Here it's for token, but i think we can do same to

  • All numeric value
  • All required value (except in parent … when can not be herited)

We need to check where we can need empty string value : if there are not a lot : we can add a checkbox (Admin name, Bounce email , (Admin email?), Send admin notification, Start date (?), Expiry date(?))

I'm OK to start on it if you're OK.

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