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14739Bug reports[All Projects] Survey editingpublic2019-06-17 18:08
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Todominikvitt 
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Product Version4.0.0dev 
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Summary14739: All DB column to text

After activation all DB column are set to text …

Steps To Reproduce

Import lss (if it work) activate, look at DB

Additional Information

I really think the most difficult things to manage is the DB column type. In my opinion it must be done at start of development.
Maybe the idea on how it works are already here ?

DB type column in config.xml or something like this ?

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.0.0 github
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Database & DB-Versionmariadb
Server OS (if known)fedora/linux
Webserver software & version (if known)nginx
PHP Versionphp7.2




2019-04-04 09:43


limesurvey_survey_221856.lss (27,210 bytes)
survey_archive_221856.lsa (4,370 bytes)


2019-04-05 09:00

partner   ~51363

Aren't there certain feature like date filtering or calculating mean values at statistics which rely on a certain DB field type?



2019-06-12 18:16

developer   ~52379

I returned back the same behaviour as it was before, except for case when response should be encrypted - then it is set to "text".

See here:



2019-06-12 18:27

developer   ~52381

I didn't kow it was done for encrypt :)

See my comment about token.

And about collation too ? Unsure it's needed or not ?



2019-06-17 18:08

developer   ~52432

Collation is inherited automatically from table definition, you should only specify if you want different column collation.

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