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14659Feature requests_ Unknownpublic2019-05-02 13:42
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Fixed in Version4.0.0dev 
Summary14659: uploaded files filename pattern.

There is an issue using multiple file upload questions in a survey. When a respondent submits a file with the same filename (or the same file) to multiple questions, the ability to match files to responses is lost when files are downloaded.

Let's have a survey with two file upload questions (Q1 and Q2), each allowing 1 file. The user responds to both questions by uploading files with the same filename.
Then, when you use "Download files" function from responses menu, you get a zip with files that can't be assigned to a question.
They are named using the following pattern: <responseid><seqno><orig_filename>, so for example: 00001_01_picture.jpg and 00001_02_picture.jpg
There is no way to tell which of those pictures is response to Q1 and which to Q2.

A simple fix would be to use the following pattern to name files for download <responseid><seqno><querycode><orig_filename>

This would also make working with file responses much easier, without the need to match file names.

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2019-03-18 15:59

developer   ~51034

I think it was surveyid_QuestionCode_index_SendedFileName (and think it's better to have the question code before the index)



2019-03-18 20:35

reporter   ~51043

If it would be like this it would be great . Unfortunately the QuestionCode part is missing - please see the example (p1-p4 are filenames)

att1.png (13,570 bytes)   
att1.png (13,570 bytes)   


2019-03-19 08:28

developer   ~51044

I look at 2.6lts and 2.73 : same issue … then in 4.0 ?



2019-03-22 14:33

developer   ~51094

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Final {$srid}_{$indexForSrid}-{$qcode}_{$indexInQ}-OriginalFileName



2019-05-02 13:41

developer   ~51722



2019-05-02 13:42


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