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Summary14568: LimeStore URL configurable

I work for a company where server are in DMZ without any access to web (you know : windows server managed by windows admin …).
Then : it can be great if limestore URL to get the information can be easily set to a internal url.

Additional Information

It can be best if the «repo» url can be multiple (like debian repo…)

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2019-02-22 17:17

administrator   ~50677

Are you talking about config.xml? Which field?



2019-02-22 17:48

developer   ~50679

No , but in future :
There are a system in Plugin manager to

  • Search plugin
  • Donwload plugin
  • Update plugin

No ?

I think the url is or something like this.
I think it can be great to have in place without hacking core code.

Start by a config.php var seems OK.

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