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Summary14567: Plugin dependance in config.xml

I have a lot of plugin toold for other plugin .

Some example :
Used (needed) by


All this toold came to limeStore one by one …
Then it can be really great in 4.X or more to :

  1. Download responseListAndManage donwload (and activate) reloadAnyResponse + getQuestionInformation + emailSurveyToken (yes this one have a lot of dependance)
Additional Information

Start by activate (is here) but since download is here :)

I have too «use» system : pdfReport use limeMpdf (can work without but work best with).

I think the best place is in config.xml.

Default can be : download plugin, test config : search in «repository» (currently only the plugin to donwload and activate before etc …

A sample (but spip use plugin since more than 10 years now … but more : spip core are near a plugin …)

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