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14438Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2020-03-13 18:50
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Summary14438: randomly subset of the questions failed with urlparam
DescriptionAccording to, I can randomly select a subset questions from a group.
But when I add a urlparameter to prefill some hidden question, this feature dissappears, it can only get the first x question, x is the number of question I want to randomly ask.
Steps To Reproduce1. Add a group
2. Add n questions such 10
3. Set 1 or 2 questions to be hidden and with relevance=1
4. add url parameter in panel intergration setting, set target to the questions in step 3.
5. execute the survey without urlparam included in link, it works as expected.
6. execute the survey with urlparam included in link, random disappears.
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2019-01-18 10:28


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