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14252Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2018-11-16 09:53
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Summary14252: Freeformat questiontype
  1. You define the amount and type of database variables.
  2. LS generates variablenames, which can be placed into the HTML-editorfield
    (radio, checkbox, select, textfield etc).
  3. That way you can create forms with a high flexibility. Ideal for question themes as well.
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2018-11-14 10:12

developer   ~49648

Yes, +1 for this (and have already a lot of idea of DB part).

But need a complete rewrite of current question ;)



2018-11-14 11:33

partner   ~49653

Trick or Treat. Regression or Rewrite.



2018-11-14 13:37

developer   ~49655

rewrite => A lot of chance of regression ;)



2018-11-16 08:56

updater   ~49675

This will probably not happen before LS 5 or LS 6 because it requires to fully rewrite the way we deal with questions and storing data. There are two main adjustments planned:
a) Making the code more object oriented so questions can use inheritance for certain feature and functions.
b) Switching from the cryptic DB column names at the lime_survey_xxx tables to using question/item codes instead.

The feature itself is actually a must have and something our user are asking for for ages.



2018-11-16 09:01

developer   ~49676

« b) Switching from the cryptic DB column names at the lime_survey_xxx tables to using question/item codes instead.» not necessary i think



2018-11-16 09:53

partner   ~49679

Not sure if this feature is a must have. LS SaaS seems to have enough users and cashflow without a lot of "must have" features.

But if your users are asking for this feature for ages, my feature request might be redundant. I would expect that you have already opened a feature request.

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