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Summary14248: Allow survey theme to add (and use) question attribute

A easy way to have specific question view is usage of Class.

For example : we can currently add hidden in Class name.

Survey template can offer some class, and it's great if this class can be used more easily in Question settings

Additional Information

See and

I currently dropped "No more table" attribute because theme.css need update too , but see picture in done on same survey …

Having this attribute related to template really fix whole and can be great.

I think to of "Show with importance" for example : checkbox where the question is bigger than other etc …

And more : with an attribute : survey theme can make a lot more without touching of answers.twig.

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2018-11-13 18:48

developer   ~49636

Another idea : column of question : with a template where group are row and question wrapper inside a col-sm-x : you can show 3 question inline with col-sm-4

Etc etc etc …

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