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14247Feature requestsErgonomypublic2018-11-13 15:47
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Summary14247: List questions menu to be underneath groups and reorder or at least a quick actions button for adding groups

As question groups are a pre-requisite for creating questions it seems less intuitive to have them listed first in the navigation menu.

Thus first listing the group, reorder and then the list of questions would seem more logical and prevent the issue of initially clicking into "list questions" without being able to add any.

I understand it has a hover message to warn people/highlight this and afterwards one may more often go into the list of questions then groups and re-order, hence I can understand possibly why it has been ordered this way.

Perhaps a quick actions button within the "List questions" view would really help there to add groups and possibly a warning message besides just the hover one that some might miss, similar to how it is for adding answer options/subquestions (which disappears when one is created).

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