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14193Feature requests_ Unknownpublic2018-11-02 16:08
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Summary14193: There is no option to have a different survey title for the participants than the one shown for the creator
DescriptionIf you go create a new survey-->text elements-->survey title , after you save the survey, the Survey title is the same title that appears to both participants and to the survey creator.

Those should be distinguished among one another for ease of use -- one is a meta that will not be displayed for the participants. Example: Survey Title is only for the creator and Survey name is shown to the participants.
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2018-10-29 18:04

reporter   ~49473

This would be very helpful. Currently we have many campaigns with the same name which is confusing.


2018-10-30 22:16

reporter   ~49499

Would adding tags and categories to a particular survey as described in this bug report be more helpful than just having a different title for the creator and the participant? I think so as it would allow for better filtering of surveys.


2018-11-02 01:18

developer   ~49507

Title show to public can be different … see theme system.

I know a instance where title show to public is put in description, and title are something like this AB123_1801, AG2612_1806 etc …


2018-11-02 14:33

reporter   ~49515

@qsgt Good suggestion, but no tags and categories would not achieve this. The internal name of the survey should be clear to admins. The title presented to the survey participants should be separate.


2018-11-02 14:34

reporter   ~49516

@DenisChenu That's interesting. We are using LimeQuery hosted, with default themes. If this is possible, then can the default themes implement it? In phpList we call it meta title and if no meta title is set then the public title is used internally on admin pages.


2018-11-02 16:08

developer   ~49521

title of page is here :

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