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14090Bug reportsTheme editorpublic2020-07-29 10:40
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
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Product Version3.14.x 
Summary14090: Theme option replace custom.css
DescriptionWith fruity : usage of theme option replace custom.css, i think custom.css must be readed at end, maybe …
Steps To ReproduceImport included theme, use and see red body, look at custom.css : set as blue
Additional InformationIn my opinion : theme option must generate a css file by php, and after this file is included like other one. Generation is done only when option are updated.
When saving survey theme option : generated css is done in upload/survey/sid/option.css (for example).

Maybe we can have a survey.css added by default (if exist), the something like this (for order)
options.css (global if exist, and not set in survey)
custom.css (global)
survey/options.css (if exist)
survey/custom.css (if exist)

Discussion on forum :
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.14.9
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2018-09-24 15:07

developer (134,522 bytes)


2018-09-24 15:08

developer   ~49116

Oup … need update manually the theme ! :


2019-01-10 17:38

developer   ~50168

can you confirm that the bug has been fixed?


2019-01-10 17:46

developer   ~50171

No, it's not fixed.

custom.css is loaded before inline style.

In skelvanilla : i have same issue with variations :


2019-02-08 10:00

developer   ~50450

Seems there are anothe issue in theme : awesome button are always loaded even with a no parent theme :

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