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Summary14044: Ability to split one survey response into multiple unique responses using question ID
DescriptionWhen lime survey is used for event registration it would be useful to have one response (registration) split into multiple responses (registrations) this would allow multiple people to register using one form without the person processing the registrations having to view that entire group's details as one record in the database. This would also allow statistics tracking for the event registration easier as each person would have their own record in the database and so would be easier to count.

Additionally, if multiple people in the registration share the same information it would be nice to have them only need to entire this information once and have the information copied to all of the split records.
Additional InformationI imagine that the splitting of responses would be most easily done by defining a suffix in the question ID that would then be used to define what questions relate to a particular person. For example, name1, question1 and anotherQuestion1 would relate to split response 1 while name2, question2 and anotherQuestion2 relate to split response 2.

I also imagine that allowing information shared by multiple people to be entered only once could either be done by defining a question ID suffix. For example if answers for nameSameAns, questionSameAns and anotherQuestionSameAns were provided then these answers would replace name1, question1, anotherQuestion1, name2, question2 and anotherQuestion2 is the split responses while the fields relating to the unfilled fields would be hidden from view.

Alternatively, an option could be added to the advanced options for the question such as "If this question received an answer then use this answer for questions x, y and z". Questions x, y and z then then be hidden.
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2018-09-14 14:35

developer   ~49038

Allow multiple response by token :

Else : plugin usage in my opinion.


2018-09-15 23:26

reporter   ~49056

I understand the reluctance to develop this feature as part of LimeSurvey core.

I am aware of the allow multiple responses by token feature but that does not cover what I want. In terms on plugins, are you aware of a plugin that allows this? If not, do you know how I might start developing one.

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