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13824Feature requestsInstallationpublic2018-07-24 11:48
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Summary13824: installing with innodb
DescriptionIs it possible to have a delivery date for having the choice between innodb and myisam during the installation?
I can change to innodb after installation, but when we create a survey with participant the table is create with myisam...
And the synchronization on mariadb cluster don't work with myisam.
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2018-07-12 17:56

reporter   ~48500

I always have to change table engine to InnoDB and "hack" the scripts to create new tables in InnoDB because of the same issue


2018-07-17 14:00

reporter   ~48520

To change the table engine fom MyISAM to InnoDB you can edit the file <LS-root dir>/application/core/db/MysqlSchema.php
You will have to repeat this step each time after installing a LimeSurvey update.


2018-07-19 17:38

reporter   ~48536

it does not solve the problem, since limesurvey create tables in myisam when adding participant, surveys etc.
And even with innodb we have problems of integrity. Finally we installed on MySQL on single server.


2018-07-23 10:00

reporter   ~48547

I cannot confirm this. We have used this method for years and the tables created by LimeSurvey always were of type InnoDB.
In Version 2.05 you had to set the engine type (InnoDB) in application/config/config.php. In LS versions >2.5 the relevant file is application/core/db/MysqlSchema.php.


2018-07-23 17:45

reporter   ~48550

rbaier please, can you confirm to me that you use mariadb on galera cluster


2018-07-24 11:48

reporter   ~48563

yniquet, we do not use mariadb on galera cluster, just plain mysql.

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