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13613Feature requests[All Projects] Survey takingpublic2018-04-18 14:15
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Summary13613: Allow Question Group Order Overriding (via URL Parameter)

My study design contains three conditions (A, B, and C) after which they are asked the same questions. These conditions are modeled as question groups. To avoid unwanted order effects, a latin square is used to calculate all possible combinations of A, B, and C. Since I know the Order in which a participant will go through the conditions I want to be able to specify the according group order at the whenever a launch a new instance of that survey, either by a field or by a URL parameter.

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2018-04-18 11:35

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2018-04-18 13:33

developer   ~47452

I'm against such system except :

  • Adding new event to get group order
  • Create a plugin to use it


2018-04-18 14:15

reporter   ~47457

Okay, I get it. I'm not familiar with the plugin system, yet. Thanks for the heads up. :-)

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