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Summary13458: Setting exportable, read-only data field
DescriptionThis is a mix of a feature request and/or a question.. If the question cannot be answered, consider it a feature request ;-)

I'd like to be able to have an added exportable field that could be shown on queXF PDF printouts. Let's call it eventID.
My survey gets cloned for every event, so I need something to correlate the surveys with the events.

I tried making an input field readonly with JS and setting a default value, which works perfectly for the online view, but the exported PDF prints the JS instead of interpreting in. I would not be able to scan & interpret the numbers anyway, as ICR does not quite work out with queXF (at least Adam Zammit of queXF more or less told me not to use ICR because it does not really work that well). As the surveys are cloned, the PDFs are identical (apart from the barcode).

I'd just need to show the eventID on the PDF and also have it exportable in the resultset. Like a global property of a survey like the fax number, but in such a way that it can also be shown in the PDF (so people know which eventID this very PDF is meant for - once printed it is impossible to get this info). When (mass) exporting answers, I need to know which answers have been given for a certain eventID.
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