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Summary13457: surveyIDs longer than 6 digits
DescriptionI have a special case here: I want to match survey IDs to IDs of another application.
I'd need a few more digits in the survey ID.

The DB has int(11) for surveyID, so I took a bold step, edited the maxlength="6" property in the input when cloning a survey, set it to 10, entered a longer surveyID and everything seems to work out flawlessly.

Is this safe? Will I run into problems further on?

Why is the input restricted to 6 digits when the backend seems to be designed for more?

If it is just this single location of code that restricts the input to 6 digits - may I ask to increase it to the limit the backend is capable of, so others can benefit as well? There's no real downside to this - people can choose shorter IDs any time.
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2018-03-08 17:33

reporter   ~46950

The PDF queXML produces cuts down the surveyID to 6 digits, so ootb this does not seem to be supported. I am not enough into the actual PDF generation step to see whether it would be possible to change that behavior..


2018-03-13 16:56

reporter   ~47035

It can be changed in application/libraries/admin/quexmlpdf.php !

protected $idLength = 6;

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