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Summary13387: 2.6.6 LTS Version: SURVEY URL GET format in invitation/reminder email

2.6.6 LTS Version - Build 171111 substitute the keyword {SURVEYURL}
using the GET format instead Path format. i.e.:
instead of
I propose a solution in Further Information and in attached file

Steps To Reproduce

send a email invitation with a {SURVEYURL } in the message

Additional Information

/../application/controllers/admin/tokens.php /

/* function email($iSurveyId, $tokenids = null)

/ row 1419 SURVEYURL in 'get' format
$fieldsarray["{SURVEYURL}"] = $this->getController()->

/* SURVEYURL in 'path' format
$fieldsarray["{SURVEYURL}"] = $this->getController() -> -createAbsoluteUrl("/survey/index/sid/{$iSurveyId}",array("lang"=>trim($emrow['language']),"token"=>$emrow['token']));

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Versione 2.6.6-lts Build 171111




2018-02-20 11:56


tokens.php (128,196 bytes)


2018-02-20 13:41

reporter   ~46608

Same behavior in version 3.4



2018-02-20 17:03

administrator   ~46623

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Thank you for participating, but we don't support the 2.6.6 anymore.
The current Version 3.X will be put into LTS mode soon.

The createAbsoluteUrl method should automatically parse the setting in the config file, therefore it is completely irrelevant if the sid is set via attributes or as part of the url.
Have you experienced any issues with the email invitaton?



2018-02-21 14:44

reporter   ~46683

sorry but this not serious yet unwanted behavior concerns all versions starting from 2.6.6, can you verify, please?
The UrlManager is setted in the application configuration to create all the url in 'path' mode, but this creation is delegated to class UrlRule depending on the rules pattern-route in the file routes.php. The first parameter, the 'route' passed to 'createAbsoluteUrl' determines the rule that must be applied and in some case, it's a behavior a bit strange, can return a ulr in 'get' mode.
I recovered a previous version (limesurvey205plus-build141020) where things work well; here is the corresponding code:

/../application/controllers/admin/tokens.php /

/* function email($iSurveyId, $tokenids = null)
$fieldsarray["{SURVEYURL}"] = $this->getController()
->createAbsoluteUrl("/survey/index/sid/{$iSurveyId}/token/{$emrow['token']}/lang/" . trim($emrow['language']) . "/");

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