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13250Feature requests[All Projects] Theme editorpublic2019-06-20 11:15
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Summary13250: Update button instead of Uninstalling/Reinstalling the theme to reflect config.xml changes

As it can be seen from Issue 13232 ( ) , the only way to reflect changes on the config.xml file of an extended theme, is by uninstalling and reinstalling the theme, which is not only unintuitive, but also tedious since sometimes it is necessary to set back the theme in the survey, and for sure it is always necessary to select again the theme variation and set other parameters (like inheritance or logo).

The idea would be to have theme versions, just like asset versions in the version.php file, by changing the version, a update button located right over the uninstall button will be clickable, triggering a reload of the theme and thus reflecting the config.xml changes.

IMHO, only extended themes can be updated, and the version should be in a version file in the theme folder (that is, in the upload folder)

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duplicate of 14207 assignedollehar Allow to update template via zip file 
related to 14208 new A way to update "parent template" 




2019-06-19 11:52

reporter   ~52455

Anyone on this? What's the use of theme "version" and "last_update" fields inside config.xml
I hoped I overwrote my custom theme, extending vanilla theme. Just by bumping version and updating date-time field :|



2019-06-19 14:08

developer   ~52456

Reset button recall config.xml
Since config.xml can be updated (currently) only via FTP … can not add a GUI.

Need a better system when we can update theme via Store

And we need an theme API control



2019-06-20 11:08

reporter   ~52484

I've just tried to import a same-name theme but using a newer version number and recent last_update value inside config.xml.
I hoped it was enough to overwrite current custom_theme but got error message, like «this theme exists».
As behaviour I expected LS deleted my /uploads/theme/surveys/custom_theme directory then replaced with the imported one but didn’t happened.

If we are not comfortable with deletions, maybe is an idea to rename old «custom_theme» as «custom_theme_version» and new custom_theme can be uploaded.

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