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13224Feature requests[All Projects] Survey designpublic2019-01-10 15:05
Reporterpmonstad Assigned ToLouisGac  
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Summary13224: questions and groups in survey structure menu

I cannot find a way to move questions into a group, unless I want to move one by one. Let us say I have created 20-30 questions and then want to put them into a group. I create a group, and I then have to move questions into it one by one.

It should be possible to either move all elements into a group or some sort of selecting questions before moving them around. This is a problem I often have when designing surveys. I really have to do some good planning before designing the structure (have to admin I don't always do).

Even beter functionality in the structure part of the survey menu would have been really great.

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2018-10-04 17:37

updater   ~49245

Any thoughts about this one?



2018-10-04 18:00

developer   ~49246

I like the idea to «check» question to move before moving whole inside a group… BUT i'm afraid of the issue it can shown ;)



2019-01-09 20:06

updater   ~50140

Any new thoughts about this one? Really a pain finding out I need to move questions to another group...



2019-01-10 15:05

manager   ~50145

It's already do-able.
just go to question list, massive action, move questions to group.

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