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13172Feature requests[All Projects] Import/Exportpublic2018-01-13 00:20
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Summary13172: Export does not correctly handle "question not shown" - they are treated as missing

When I export results to Excel or to SPSS , some answers are incorrectly treated as missing (in SPSS) or just as blank( in Excel) but they correspond to questions that haven't been
display to the user due to the conditional branching. It is not the right way to do as we can't differentiate between 1) questions that the user has deliberately skipped, and 2) questions he hasn't seen.

I have noticed that this important information exist since we can retrieve it in the "VV Survey files" export file : it is labelled as "question not shown".

So I think that export should be improved by displaying this information when exporting.

I believe this is an important bug as we loss information at exportation.

Many thanks,

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