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Summary13094: Create Numeric Statistic for "Other Option"
DescriptionCurrently, when I export data to excel or SPSS from a survey that I've fielded and there is one or more question with "Other Option" enabled, I only receive the string data that was input into the adjoining text field, not a numeric value indicating that "Other" was selected.

For example, assume I have a multiple choice question, Q1 with "other" enabled and I create 5 answers, Q1_1 - Q1_5. When I export this data there's a 1 under Q1_1-Q1_5 for every case where those answers were selected. However, there is no Q1_6 or Q1_o or something similar with a simple "1" value entered that indicates when somebody selected the other option. Instead, I have to compute a new variable based on the cases with string input in Q1_other

It's a minor thing, and there are two or three ways to work around it, but I find it extremely annoying and such a common sense feature that I'm puzzled why LimeSurvey doesn't do this by default.
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