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12669Feature requestsConditionspublic2018-09-14 14:34
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Summary12669: Set Conditions modal/popup window on Groups
DescriptionIt would be awesome if there was a way to add a modal popup of the condition builder for Groups.

Most people probably don't even realize they can set conditions on Groups, because "Relevance equation" leaves a bit of ambiguity...

But if to the right of this field, there was a button called "Set Conditions", that used the same functionality available for questions, and upon closing the modal window, the conditional equation was inserted into the Relevance equation field, I think this would empower a lot of survey builders to be able to so much more easily apply conditions at the Group level, instead of at only the question level.
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2018-09-04 08:46

partner   ~48957

I second this, this feature is really missing at group level.


2018-09-14 14:34

developer   ~49037

I think it's better to have an condition constructor doing a "Expression Manager" equation only. Because : currently condition have qid related.

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