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12266Feature requestsConditionspublic2017-04-11 15:34
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Summary12266: Condition incorrectly parsed when using more than two possible values for a token attribute
DescriptionIt's not possible to have a condition that consists of more than two values of a token.

For example. A condition that is displayed like this in the condition designer:

First name [Inexistant token table] equals john
First name [Inexistant token table] equals alice
First name [Inexistant token table] equals bob

Will be written as:

((TOKEN:FIRSTNAME == "alice" or TOKEN:FIRSTNAME == "bob") and (TOKEN:FIRSTNAME == "john"))

Obviously, this will never evaluate to True.
Additional InformationThis bug is introduced in Version 2.50+ Build 160725, see also
The uploaded lss file includes the string ((TOKEN:FIRSTNAME == "alice" or TOKEN:FIRSTNAME == "bob") and (TOKEN:FIRSTNAME == "john")), but will show the correct condition in the condition designer.
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2017-04-11 15:34


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