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12241Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2017-03-31 00:54
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Summary12241: not possible to select all token-attributes in the export_responses_by_token api call
DescriptionIf the last argument of export_responses_by_token ($aFields) == null, all answers are added to the report. If you would like to get token attributes as well, you would need to feed it an array with all question codes AND all token + attribute fields.


Additional InformationA possible solution would be replacing:

if (is_null($aFields)) $aFields=array_keys(createFieldMap($iSurveyID,'full',true,false,$sLanguageCode));


if (is_null($aFields)) {
    $attributeFields = array_keys(getTokenFieldsAndNames($iSurveyID, TRUE));
    $aFields = array_merge($questionFields, $attributeFields);

in the function definition of export_responses_by_token (application/helpers/remotecontrol/remotecontrol_handle.php)
Since the export_responses function is nearly identical, this should also reflect this change.

Another solution could be an extra optional argument in the function call and roughly the same code:

function export_responses($sSessionKey, $iSurveyID, $sDocumentType, $sLanguageCode=null, $sCompletionStatus='all', $sHeadingType='code', $sResponseType='short', $iFromResponseID=null, $iToResponseID=null, $qFields = null, $aFields = null)

with something like:
if (is_null($aFields)) {
if (is_null($qFields)) {
  $qFields = array_keys(getTokenFieldsAndNames($iSurveyID, TRUE));
$fields = array_merge($aFields, $qFields);

(replacing all following $aFields bij $fields)
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