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11983Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2016-12-07 14:52
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Summary11983: SPSS syntax export, reducing unnecessary code
DescriptionThe generated SPSS syntax uses standard names (V1, V2 ... Vx) to let SPSS import the answers into SPSS variables via the GET procedure. User defined question names will be ignored here. Afterwards the standard variable names will renamed via the RENAME procedure of SPSS. This lead to a lot of unnecessary code and a confusing program structure.

If the user has defined question names within LimeSurvey they should be used in the SPSS syntax from the beginning on. Then you don't need the RENAME command any more and get much more clarity.
Additional InformationExample with my var names:

    MyVarName1 F7
    MyVarNameX DATETIME23.2 .
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2016-12-07 11:45

partner   ~42433

This sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Let's wait for some feedback from our SPSS experts and then we can check if this can be an additional export setting at a next major release.


2016-12-07 11:50

developer   ~42434

Remind : old survey can have same question title. Only survey created after 2.05 or 2.06 are OK with this.

Seems unnecessary code is here for compatibility.


2016-12-07 14:07

partner   ~42440

Since 2.05/2.06 is the lowest version that we still support, I think the request is reasonable. We do not have to keep compatibility with SPSS export from earlier versions.


2016-12-07 14:40

developer   ~42442

Survey (activated) can come from 1.80, updated, updated, updated ......

It's not exactly the same then 'template update' if we broke an actvated survey.

But OK : here : why not , break is survey is 'not ok' , there are a test for unicity of code :


2016-12-07 14:45

reporter   ~42443

I think old surveys can still have incompatible names. So when doing the export you should check if that is the case. If so, use the rename method, or create a new and valid name live the Vxxx for those fields.

Also, it could be that variable names are not compatible with spss rules. Probably not the case for new surveys, but ones that were created in older versions can have that problem.

I think the request does not really solve a problem, it just creates new problems. Current code creates the exports, always, and tries to rename when possible. Result is for incompatible or duplicate names they keep the Vxxx name but data is there. When you change this result could be no output at all.


2016-12-07 14:52

developer   ~42445

+1 : improve the code is always a good thing BUT improve a code with removing feature is always a bad things. This should only be done if necessary.

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