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11832Feature requestsPluginspublic2016-10-27 02:23
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Product Version2.5+ 
Summary11832: access to RegisterFunctions
DescriptionSeems that the RegisterFunctions function even though it is public it is not accessible via the LimeExpressionManager.
It is not possible to write a plugin to extend the Expression Manager. Currently all changes have to be made in the em_core_helper.php and in em_javascript.js
Additional InformationA possible solution is to enable the LimeExpressionManager singleton to access the function RegisterFunctions. Upon registering user defined expressions, it is necessary to provide also a JavaScript function. An additional file or similar solution should be provided. For instance, have a JavaScript file that extends the em_javascript functions in a modular fashion.
In summary: a mechanism should be provided for developers to add to the RegisterFunctions method the function so that it can also be defined in the JavaScript file.
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2016-10-27 02:22

developer   ~41575

Really strong support : a must have in fact .

But : EM is brittle and capricious ... then a lot of work

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