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11778Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2016-11-14 18:32
Reporterduvemyster Assigned Tomarkusfluer 
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Summary11778: Prevent accidental file-upload cancellation
DescriptionThe current process is:
1. Select File
2. Wait (if larger file or slow connection)
3. "This file has been successfuly uploaded."
4. Now select another file.

However, I have have experienced multiple users who sometimes click "Select File" again too rapidly, before the file has sucessfully uploaded. And a smaller number of users have clicked "Return to survey" too quickly. This has resulted in the loss of a file that users tend to think that they have uploaded. While successfully uploaded files are listed, not all users double-check this.
Additional InformationHere are a few ideas to offer toward minimizing this unintended behavior:

* Simplest: A message that says "File uploading, please wait..." and/or an upload progress bar
* Upgraded: Allow for multiple simultaneous uploads, such that rapid utilization of "Select file" adds additional uploads instead of replacing one still in progress if it isn't finished yet.
* Extra: The addition of a "cancel upload" option coupled with deactivation of "Select file" and "Return to survey" while a file is being uploaded.
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2016-11-14 18:32

reporter   ~41935

An upload progress bar seems to be present now, at least on Version 2.06lts Build 160801.

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