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11694Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2016-11-14 15:21
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Summary11694: Slider Questions mit numerical input textbox
DescriptionAllow displaying a numerical input textbox that appears next to the slider bar

Will help, if people are unable to set the slider correctly (e.g. touchscreen, bug in the browser, bug in LS).
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2016-11-14 13:14

developer   ~41875

Against : use multi numeric without slider.


2016-11-14 14:14

partner   ~41880

The feature request is about a numeric textbox with slider. And your answer is to use the numeric text box. I don't understand the reasoning behind it.

E.g. are you against increase decrease buttons in number/date fields?
See attached picture.
Slider with numeric fields and increase decrease buttons are common:

In the end Limesurvey devs will come up with a separate slider question type.
Something like this widget:

I prefer duplication of code. The risk to have wrong abstractions is high. Over time abstractions become wrong since the user cases change. The multi-numeric question type with this mass of advanced options is a good example for not putting everything in one question but let duplication in code happen.


2016-11-14 14:59

developer   ~41881


Using input type='range' : OK : great idea .
Like input type='date' or input type='color' or input type='number' : yes and yes and yes.

But : if browser know 'range' : you don't have a input:text + input:range
See screenshot.

Actually : i already have a system to use type='number' in place of type='text' data-type='number' . But : with radix : it's broken.
Like input type='date' : really best solution BUT : hard to have 'formatted date'


2016-11-14 14:59




2016-11-14 15:00

developer   ~41882

Ps : you see a text here : ?


2016-11-14 15:13

developer   ~41884

When I had to write the new sliders, I had a deep look into the HTML5 range. It clearly didn't fit our needs.


2016-11-14 15:18

developer   ~41887

@LouisGac : yes or no .... like number/date : the issue is the format no ? Or because actual slider are not really enjoyable in major browser ?

date : always send ISO date, take date format (seen in input) by 'User browser setting' . + Add time UTC (didn't test whole browser here)
number : always send real value : take number seen in input with , or . by 'browser user setting'.


2016-11-14 15:21

developer   ~41889

I don't remember in detail, but basically: all the options that we need in advanced settings, that are the basic settings available in any slider component (jQuery ones or Bootstrap ones...), should be rewrote entirely from scratch for the HTML5 version.

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