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11689Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2018-11-02 01:16
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Summary11689: Organize List of surveys via tags, categories or folders
DescriptionAllow users to organize the surveys via tags, categories or folders.

Add one new table that allows the user to define tags and based on that the surveylist gets structured.
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2018-10-27 06:53

reporter   ~49459

I know that this a quite an old request but I would like to add my support to it. In my view folders would work better than tags so that the interface doesn't get too cluttered when we have a large number of surveys in our installation. Ideally, it would also be great if a function could be added to the API so that we can get all the surveys with a specific tag or set of tags.


2018-11-02 01:16

developer   ~49506

There are survey category … tag … really …

Do this with plugin …

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