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Summary11666: Hard to use 'localized" plugins setting option
DescriptionFor a plugin dev , it's hard to use localized in a setting of a plugin:

Steps To ReproduceFind a way to use localized/multi language setting in a plugin
Additional InformationIf localized : settings widget add the language to the name {$name}[$lang] : great :

The current must be an array :

But we can only senhd an array : name is the key : then you can not really have the same key for multiple language input ..... then you need different input.

Actaully : i fond only a way for fix it adding -$lang to the namle , and some bad hacking when saving :

dirty but working
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.1.10 github
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2016-09-17 18:26

developer   ~40808

Easy solution : allow name in metaData , and get it for the name of the input :

if ($metaData['name']){
Here :

ANd this can be used for other purpose.

The best way, i think can be: use $metaData['language'] as an array of the language to be used. But this is really more complex actually: one setting must show multiple inpit. And we can not have a good way to show something like this

- FR
  Input 1 FR
  Input 2 FR
- EN
  Input 1 EN
  Input 2 EN

Like we have in LS core settings


2016-10-17 12:17

administrator   ~41395

Did you see my changes on the cint branch regarding localized plugins?


2016-10-17 12:22

developer   ~41396

No, not actually :)

But i think it's not related. Here it's the "localized"=>true for settings.
For example : when you want to show a textarea for each language in a survey :

(i update the title to be more clear).


2016-11-02 09:25

developer   ~41671

@olle : you have an advice about it ?

$metaData['language'] as array seems OK for you ?
or better allow $metaData['name'] ?
or , maybe : allow $metaData['name'] + fix name if "localized"=>true ?
or : another great idea (or not great)



2017-01-25 09:55

developer   ~42830

Tested some code ....

Not OK because we need a 'global' tabs.

Then :
1. Adding fieldset system
2. Add a language in fieldset : if the fieldset have language (in array): show all input in this fieldset with each language set


2017-01-25 09:55




2020-03-13 18:46

administrator   ~56458

This version of LimeSurvey is not longer supported. Please check so that the issue is fixed in a more recent version of LimeSurvey. If it's not, please reopen this bug report. Thank you.


2020-03-13 19:25

developer   ~56529

Still really hard ....

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