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11566Feature requestsCentral participant databasepublic2016-08-23 11:27
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Summary11566: search box for participant panel
DescriptionIt would be great to have a search box for the participant panel like you have for the survey panel. Using the magnifier in the bottom does it, but the search box is much nicer.
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2016-08-22 10:48

administrator   ~40364

We want to remake CPDB to get rid of jqgrid; it's hard to maintain. Adding a search panel like in survey list would then be easy.


2016-08-22 16:06

reporter   ~40383

I don't know the other implications of changing it from jqgrid. Will we still be able to view the attributes and surveys attached to a participant? I suppose if the new option can't handle it inline, there would be another way to see this, right?
Our secondary use for LimeSurvey is attendance tracking for the lectures people give feedback to, so for us it is really helpful to review the answer status for a given participant.


2016-08-23 11:27

administrator   ~40392

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We would use a popup modal to view attached attributes and surveys.

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