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Summary11520: Dummy responses generator module
DescriptionHi ,

we enjoy working with lime survey but see a major feature that many of the paid platforms offer which is a dummy response generator that allows submitting dummy data to create a simulation of a large survey response so reporting can be visualized and understood better before actually collecting real data , this is a very important feature for surveys that require large number of participants and can save unneeded costs of deploying a survey and stopping it to adjust data entry methods to meet reporting needs.
Additional Informationwe are open to discuiss costs of this development as well as its needed for us , if someone is ready to develop this and has all needed information to develop a smart addon , please contact us at

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2016-08-10 10:49

developer   ~40221

I start to thing of such project with 1.92 version, but really really really hard to do a good system, rescpetcing validation and conditons/filters.

Make it in plugin allow easily start with a broken system and improve it step by step

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