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11172Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2018-07-10 08:12
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Summary11172: API export doesn't have all options than GUI export
DescriptionCurrently, the API does not have the same EM capability as the GUI. Can we add that call in?
Additional InformationCurrently, API outputs "L1[SQ1]","L1[SQ2]","L1[SQ3]","L1[SQ4]","L1[SQ5]" which causes xpath and json queries to fail due to square brackets.

With EM, we have "L1_SQ1","L1_SQ2","L1_SQ3","L1_SQ4","L1_SQ5" queries work.

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2016-05-13 07:27

developer   ~38529

API export must allow exactly same option than GUI : replace Y/N too for example.


2017-10-10 08:53

reporter   ~44559

Hi, is there any plan when this can be fixed? It would be a great help to be able to use a data driven json format. Even better if you could provide a pure REST API

I gree with DenisChenu, use the same option, it must be possible to "Convert spaces in question text to underscores" else no classes in java or csharp could be created, so it should also convert hook and curly brackets [ to _ . Escape ", \n, ' etc in all text.



2017-10-21 15:59

developer   ~44776

@akeandersson : «it should also convert hook and curly brackets …» it's another feature request : please report it …


2018-07-10 08:12

developer   ~48484

Since remote control can be extended … leave it

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