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Summary11153: Options to remove "options" from creation of new surveys.
DescriptionIn a bigger organization such as ours, it would be nice to be able to standardize some of the options. There will be quite a few people working on surveys, and not all or not any of them have excellent IT skills. Therefore, it would be nice to be able, as administrator, to remove or "standardize" some of the options, that they don't really need to see or think about, and only show those that we deem is necessary for them to create their surveys. I'm aware, I can hack the admin "template", but I would prefer this being an option where I can easily remove/add options on the fly, and would persist through updates.
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2016-05-11 10:51

developer   ~38305

Yes, we're thinking to do something like that in the future.
But for now, we are not enough numerous.
So if you're a coder, feel free to do some pull requests on the repository, else, feel free to donate ;-)


2016-05-11 11:15

reporter   ~38311

Might be something we would plan on doing in the future, if we decide this is the project we wish to continue using :)

For now though, too much work on other things ;)

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