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11104Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2016-05-03 10:51
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Summary11104: Combine token and non-token possibilities
DescriptionIt would be nice if it were possible to be able to a) use tokens & emails to invite & remind known people, while at the same time b) allow people to fill in the survey if they happen to come across it somewhere, without having to first 'register'
Additional InformationAs a student with limited time at hands for thesis-writing, I would like to combine randomised and snowball sampling. In other words: I would like to be able to invite a random selection of the population & follow up on their participation using tokens (to increase response rate), but at the same time spread my survey on Facebook & ask friends-of-friends to fill in & spread the word.

That's currently only possible if one requires participants to 'register' which may throw up an unnecessary threshold for people to take part.
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