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11023Feature requestsPluginspublic2016-04-23 12:11
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Summary11023: A way to show/hide more survey in surveyList
DescriptionActually : surveyList show
- All list if admin have gloabl rights on surveys
- List with user have a read permission on survey

But we have Permission part where user can have more permission to another survey (example : Statitics view on all survey).
Additional InformationHave the issue on

To show survey "model" on list : have to set a READ permission for this user.
Not the best , but work ~~

Another solution :
- Use a plugin event "afterSearchModel" : don for all search on all model ?
- Use a plugin event "beforeFindAll/Find" (attach a behaviour :
- Use a plugin beforeRender ? to update the way we want.

Really unsure what is needed actually, and what ius the best.
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