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Summary10238: opt-in and opt-out, email queueing, etc

I just had an exchange with our hosting provider Dreamhost that makes me concerned whether we will be able to continue to use LimeSurvey.
Their SPAM policy ( requires that people opt in to be on the list. I don't think I even have a way to allow them to opt out of the list at this time (don't think there is a link-tag that could be added to an email to blacklist, is there).
If Dreamhost requires this, they are one of the big guys, I could see others following suit.

Additionally, they said they will allow a max of 500 mails an hour, even if I could jump their hoops. I had a similar restriction with our previous provider but was able to negotiate a larger number. So, it would be nice if there was a way to queue emails internally to a max number per hour or day.

This all launches another question... I know you guys recommend a site that would host a solution for us, but our reporting goes of the MySQL in the back, and due to various bugs I occasionally have to update data directly in there, so do you also know of a hosting provider who hosts LimeSurvey with few or no restrictions that make using it awkward? Another example of "awkward" here would be Issue 10196 which I have been unable to resolve.

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2016-01-22 08:31

developer   ~34334

For opt in : register, for Opt out : {OPTOUT} and we have a 'blacklist' column.

Maybe best is allow to be blacklisted (a checkbox in optout url) and a test before each mail sending.

All can be done in plugin : except if i remind : test blacklist before send Regsitering ?

For 500 email/hour : plugin.



2016-01-22 21:39

reporter   ~34365

I put {OPTOUT} into an invite email hoping it would generate an opt-out link to check the blacklist box for that participant, but it doesn't translate the tag at all. I must misunderstand you. How am I supposed to use {OPTOUT}.

I don't understand "For opt in: register" either.

If I understand the rest of the email right you are saying it would be possible to build plug-ins for this, not telling me they exist, right?



2016-01-23 11:45

developer   ~34371




2016-01-25 17:31

reporter   ~34386

{OPTOUTURL} gives me a link in the email.

The link sends me to a page that says "You are not a participant in this survey." If I click the link to the survey afterwards it still takes me to the survey.

This doesn't set Blacklist = true for the participant, though. Does it make do the future exclusion somewhere else?

I just had a look at the listing "LimeSurvey replacement field properties" in the email template editor; it lists "URL for a respondent to opt-out of this survey" (actually, the right side is cut off, but I imagine it ends that way". That makes me think this is meant for survey-level opting out, not participant-level opting out. The wiki makes me think it's survey level (



2016-01-25 18:19

developer   ~34391

@ttenbergen : yes, i know and i put : Maybe best is allow to be blacklisted (a checkbox in optout url) and a test before each mail sending.

The DB is ready but we don't have:

  • such checkbox in optout url (set me in blacklist for all survey and future survey)
  • Optout screen plugin event to so something

BUT : we can replace the {OPTOUTURL} in beforeTokenEmail event. and use directRequest to show "what we want"
Add an system to test if email is "particpant" blacklisted each time we send a token.

Just here : i'm unsure it work for regsiter screen (i think i have a Feature request for a beforeEmail (like beforeTokenEmail but for all email).. Register screen can be own made actually

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