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Summary10228: Create a "do not answer this question" subquestion in array

When I have a rather long mandatory array question, I would like to add some "do not answer this question" to ensure that participants really read questions (e.g. to eliminate people who answer people who are just bored and click the same answer everywhere).

The idea is to still have a mandatory question (with block of the validation and red items when you miss one) without a "No answer" option.

The only workaround I've found was something about making one "No answer" option, hiding it with CSS/JS and check this option with JS for the "do not answer" question. Seems to be a complex :/

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2016-01-20 09:08

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You can use EM system

For exemple : QCODE is your question title/code you have SQ1, SQ2 and SQ3 (etc) mandatory and SQ04 the "No answer this question".

Use :
!is_empty(QCODE_SQ01) && !is_empty(QCODE_SQ02) && !is_empty(QCODE_SQ03) && is_empty(QCODE_SQ04)

We can have an click option for whole situation. EM is done for this.

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