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Summary10214: Debug mode : a settoings : only for admin

Actually, we have debug mode activated for all : admin or not. I like to have a way to:

  • See log for admin user only (tracevar)
  • See PHP notice for admin user only
  • See log for super-admin user only (tracevar)
  • See PHP notice for super-admin user only
Additional Information

Just an idea when looking at forum : some user don't want to sert debug mode , even temporally if there are active survey.

ANd remind i like to have tracevar only for me (in some of my plugin i use if(User=="me") tracevar(); )

The tracevar system is easy.
The Notice is less easy (we set YII_DEBUG before get the user (and it's OK). Maybe replace some default function from Yii, or use ini_set after user validation.

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