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18873Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2024-05-14 10:42
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Summary18873: Tab/Page-Title In Browser And Survey Title In Internal Survey-List Shall Differ

I request the following feature:

I would like to have 2 titles for each survey: One for the internal survey-list and one title that is shown in the Tab/Page Title for the participants.

I am sure there is a way to do that via the template-files somehow. But I think there are many use cases where this is necessary/handy and it would be great, if there was an option for 2 titles without studying .css before.

Thanks in advance,

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has duplicate 18740 closedDenisChenu Have internal title (for admin) different than public title 




2023-06-12 11:07

partner   ~75545

I support this.

This could be a nice extra of this feature:
Case 1: only public title is filled in: this title is shown in survey list
Case 2: both titles are filled in: the "internal" title is shown in the survey list

My use case: several surveys that must have the same public title, but are focused in different groups of respondent, with different questions and with different timings



2023-06-12 17:07

reporter   ~75560

I also think this could be a great idea to have a internal title and a public title of a survey.



2024-02-26 13:44

reporter   ~79631

This request has also been made by user "DenisChenu ", Request ID: 18740, Date: 2023-04-12

Is there a way to merge these requests?



2024-02-26 16:15

developer   ~79644

Since @tammo and @holch comment here, i close the other one as duplicate

With lot of survey, you can use title for better management in admin GUI (client number, survey type, contract etc ).
And you can have some survey with different content but same time for public part

Have a title dedicated to Admin GUI seems to be a really cool solution

Hiding title in theme still can be doneBut : used for title of page, h1/head title for HTML5 compliance etc …
Then need a clean alternative.

I don't know if we need a Language admin title : i don't think, the a text column in Survey table, + default Survey title for admin list are the current getlanguageTitle

Else : sometimes i search "Sample" to get the Sample survey, but i'm in french : i need to search Example. Have a non language title can be interesting too.



2024-04-23 12:03

partner   ~79985

I think for my purposes, the internal title can be in one language only. And international organisations always (?) have one common language across the organisation.



2024-04-23 15:01

developer   ~79991

Same title for all language : clearly.



2024-05-14 10:42

reporter   ~80100

This would be very cool! I always wondered why this is not a thing.
I evaded this with a view lines of javascript. My title for our surveys are a follows:

MF24XX@My real Title

MF24XX is short for internal use. After the @ is the public title of the survey

I then added in our theme in "custom_header.twig" a piece of javascript code:

var desc = '{{ }}';
desc = '<div>'+desc.substring(desc.indexOf('@')+1)+'</div>';
document.title = desc

Everywhere i need the title in the survey i use:
<script> document.write(desc); </script>

I know it's a rather dirty trick, but it works. Having two different titles for admin and a real title for the survey would be great.

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